Head of the Department, Prof. A. Anopriyenko

The department was founded in 1964 by Prof. L.P. Feldman. According to the computers evolution the department changed it's name:

  • «Computation Technics» - 1964-1975;
  • «Electronic Computation Machines» - 1975-2009;
  • «Computer Engineering» - since 2009.

Heads of the Department - Prof. L.P. Feldman (1964-1978), V.V. Lapko (1978-1995), V.A. Svjatnij (1995-2014). Since 2014 the department is headed by Professor Alexander Anopriyenko.

The Department prepares bachelors, specialists and masters in the next fields:

  • «Computer Systems and Networks» (CS, since 1992) - 50 students;
  • «System Programming» (SP, since 1999) - 50 students.

Postgraduate students, engineers and laboratory assistants take active part in the process of studying.

Every year 4-5 best masters enter postgraduate courses of our University. Defences of their PhD works take place in the specialised academic councils of Donetsk National Technical University (specialities 05.13.05 - computer systems and components, 05.13.07 - technological process automation) and Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences (speciality 01.05.02 - mathematical modeling and computational methods).

Main research fields fit the profile of the Department:

  • Computer graphics and visualization systems
  • CAD systems for microprogram control units
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of computer systems, FPGA-technologies
  • Parallel simulation environment for dynamic systems with lumped and distributed parameters
  • Computerization of technological processes and systems
  • Postbinary computing

The department provides educational process in English for foreign and local students of specialty CS. The students after the first year of learning have opportunity to get in the English-speaking group after the Test in English.

Also, after the first year students can get in the German-speaking CS or SP groups. In these groups, in addition to the subjects of the curriculum, students study German from 3rd to 10th semester (6 hours per week). Part of the undergraduate professional courses for the groups is taught in German, there is a scientific master's practice in German universities, some master's works are performed in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Magdeburg University, the Max Planck Institute and other research institutions and firms of Germany.

The department has a modern computer laboratory base and is always concerned about her update: computer rooms, laboratories of microelectronic systems, computer components and devices, software-controlled circuits of high integration (FPGA-technologies), parallel and distributed computing and simulation with MIMD-type cluster with 94 nodes, specialised computer systems, etc.

Computer Engineering Department is known in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada and other countries due to numerous publications on topical issues of the theory and practice of computer systems (more than 50 publications abroad), active international scientific cooperation and many graduate students, successfully employed in computer engineering, parallel simulation of complex dynamic systems and information technologies in different countries around the world.